CloudConnect - Azure ExpressRoute

Azure ExpressRoute lets you create private connections between your on-premise infrastructure and Azure datacenters. ExpressRoute connections are private connections that offer higher reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than typical Internet connections. In some cases, using ExpressRoute connections to transfer data between on-premises systems and Azure can also yield significant cost benefits.

Key Features And Benefits
  • A fully managed ExpressRoute service, connecting your organization to Azure resources and/or Office 365. This can result in significant improvements for your Azure workloads and Office 365 services like Sharepoint and Skype for Business.
  • A selection of bandwidths ranging from 50Mbps to 1Gbps that enables you to right size your CloudConnect according to your business requirements.
  • Customized security services according to your requirements, including IPSec implementations and managed firewall services.
Co-Location Services

1CLOUDSTAR also offers co-location of specialized security hardware. This enables you to place your Hardware Security Modules (HSM) or Storage Devices close to your Cloud infrastructure, improving performance and throughput. Please contact us for a more detailed discussion.

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