Case Study - DevOps on Cloud

The government agency oversees the land transport development in Singapore, including building and maintaining Singapore’s land transport infrastructure, public transport system, and leveraging technology for future land transport. 1CLOUDSTAR was engaged by customer to develop a robust but light-weighted cloud infrastructure to host a high-profiled application for public for information of public transport service.

  • The complexity of the application functionality. The application hosted on cloud platform ingests real-time transport data, and push to member of public via 4G network, with real-time monitoring and administration on the backend console.
  • Lightweight of the architecture on cloud with CI/CD implementation on application.
  • Tight security compliance and requirement of the application on cloud platform, requested by Singapore government.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) was chosen as the cloud platform for hosting the application. 1CLOUDSTAR AWS specialist and DevOps teams worked together to deliver serverless application modeling by implementing AWS load balancers, RDS & ElastiCache, and full containerization for over 20 components of the application. In order to achieve CI/CD approach for over 20 components of application, deployment pipeline for each component was setup natively in AWS, from source code versioning, testing, compiling, deployment until container execution.

Besides, various AWS security tools, such as GuardDuty, Security Hub, Shield were implemented for a continuous threat hunting and security improvement at Cloud infrastructure level, together with power firewall and endpoint protection services implemented at application level.

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