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1CLOUDSTAR's CloudConnect Service for AWS provides end-to-end managed solutions to connect physical sites to AWS with customized network throughput, resiliency, and topology. As an experienced AWS Direct Connect partner, 1CLOUDSTAR delivers tailored connectivity solutions to meet clients' cloud connectivity needs and budget.
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Cloud Consultancy Services

Ensure your organization adopts the right technology to successfully implement Cloud technologies through our strategic Cloud Consulting expertise. Unlock the full value of the Cloud for your business by having an experienced business partner that can help and advise you on the best way to achieve your business objectives. 1CLOUDSTAR's team of consultants serves as…

Cybersecurity Services

IT organizations are under constant pressure to find ways to reduce cost by investing in new technology. Managing storage growth is a difficult task on the whole, but the distributed nature of unstructured file-based data adds to the challenge significantly and drives the need for improved file-serving solutions. Rapid file-storage growth, driven by rich media…

Cloud Managed Services

IT organizations require greater flexibility to meet variable demands from the business to successfully manage transformational initiatives and keep pace with advancing technologies. 1CLOUDSTAR Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) delivers the insights and expertise you need with IT management solutions that raise the bar on your current operations, enable your transformation journey, and ensure…

DevOps and Workload Automation Services

Using a wide range of tools and services, we strive to create scalable and flexible cloud applications tailored to our clients' needs. We achieve this through deployment and operation automation to ensure efficient and reliable management of cloud infrastructure, as well as serverless computing for automatic scaling of resources based on traffic…

CloudConnect Services

Managing Enterprise Connectivity Growth and transporting data between on-premise and Cloud providers is a serious business. Traditionally, growth needs to be anticipated and planning accordingly in a complex exercise. With the exponential growth and varying requirements of Enterprise Data solutions, the shift to minimize the cost of bandwidth and ongoing expenses draws most solutions away from the heavy facilities based…
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