Storage and Security Services

Simple, Scalable, Safe, Secure, Storage

IT organizations are under constant pressure to find ways to reduce cost by investing in new technology. Managing storage growth is a difficult task on the whole, but the distributed nature of unstructured file-based data adds to the challenge significantly and drives the need for improved file-serving solutions.

Rapid file-storage growth, driven by rich media files, is impacting businesses now more than ever before. Therefore, it is critical that companies invest in a cost-effective, modular, file-serving solution that can support business now and well into the future. Consolidating file data with a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution can help address changing storage needs and reduce cost of ownership.

The migration between systems can be very painful and as a result the transition period is occurring earlier between platforms to ensure data availability. 1CLOUDSTAR understands that this repetitive incremental investment can be a distraction. Allow 1CLOUDSTAR to resolve all your storage and security burdens with a one stop solution.