Connectivity Services

The Connectivity Everyone Needs, You Want and Others Have

Managing Enterprise Connectivity Growth

Transporting data between on-premise and Cloud providers is a serious business. Traditionally, growth needs to be anticipated and planning accordingly in a complex exercise. With the exponential growth and varying requirements of Enterprise Data solutions, the shift to minimize the cost of bandwidth and ongoing expenses draws most solutions away from the heavy facilities based investments.

Why Managed Connectivity

Spending less on keeping your lines of communication running and investing less in upgrading are one of the most compelling reasons Enterprises choose managed services. Managing connectivity between networks is an expensive endeavor and the need to have a Network Operating Center, monitoring tools, and the staffing results in a large Capital Expenditure.

With 1CLOUDSTAR Connectivity Solutions, you gain the benefits of a reliable, resilient network without the large upgront investment and ongoing monitoring. 1CLOUDSTAR provides an op ex model with utility billing.

Managed CloudConnect

1CLOUDSTAR connectivity service is a high performance solution designed as a managed service to provide a turnkey solution for customers looking for a simple, scalable, cost effective, connection backbone for reliable and outstanding network performance.

CloudConnect – AWS Direct Connect: AWS Direct Connect makes it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from your premises to AWS. Using 1CLOUDSTAR’s CloudConnect managed Direct Connect links, you can establish private connectivity between AWS and your datacenter, office, or colocation environment, which in many cases can reduce your network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

CloudConnect – Azure ExpressRoute: Azure ExpressRoute lets you create private connections between your on-premise infrastructure and Azure datacenters. 1CLOUDSTAR’s provides CloudConnect managed ExpressRoute connections.

Using our managed CloudConnect services could not be any easier. Let 1CLOUDSTAR manage the ports, cross connects, and the connection to Cloud providers. Where previously these services were left to the business to setup and manage, 1CLOUDSTAR enables customers to enjoy significant cost savings, faster service delivery and all at a low per month utility billing.

How Does It Work

Dedicated Private Local Circuits: We provide dedicated private local circuits for committed bandwidth (of up to 1Gbps) from your office or private data centres to 1CLOUDSTAR CloudConnect managed service data centre.

Flexible and Scalable “Hub-and-Spoke” Data Delivery Network Infrastructure: Our “Hub-and-Spoke” data delivery network infrastructure are engineered from ground-up to provide native flexibility, empowers multi-site direct Cloud connectivity, and seamless integration to direct connect service within your existing private network infrastructure.

Secure and Robust Core Direct Connect Connectivity with Customized Options: We operate a highly secure, resilient and robust core network infrastructure at each of our data centres. The core network serves as a high speed and low latency data exchange between the customers’ private local circuits and their CloudConnect interface. It also enables secure bi directional routing information exchange via BGP (Boarder Gateway Protocol) between the customers’ on-premise network and Cloud network segments.

With CloudConnect managed infrastructure, our customers will enjoy a truly simplified, one-stop shop end-to-end Cloud connectivity solution without having to worry about the complicated infrastructure setup, support and maintenance, and associated high costs.

Harnessing the Cloud
We provide two CloudConnect options to meet our customers’ various requirements – On Demand and a Dedicated offering.

On Demand: 1CLOUDSTAR has created a multi-distributed approach to the backend Cloud provider connections. With our proprietary, proven traffic engineering technologies, the traffic of each customer are completely isolated and totally separated from one another. With this option, customers maintain full control and complete freedom with their IP addressing and routing design of their Cloud network.

Dedicated: Dedicated CloudConnect gives dedicated and exclusive access of each individual customer. The customer effectively “owns” the backend CloudConnect infrastructure. No sharing of physical network resources occurs in this end-to-end solution. Ultimately this translates into the highest level of privacy, transparency and performance available.