Cloud Brokerage

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1CLOUDSTAR architects, design and implement Cloud Brokerage Platforms (CBP) for Enterprises and Service Providers.

There are 3 basic types of CBP:

1. Cloud Service Intermediation
By building atop of an existing Cloud Platform, extending or complementing the services like additional security services or management capabilities. 1CLOUDSTAR’s Brokerage Platform intermediates the customer’s requirements (e.g ID Management) across the different Cloud Service Providers.

2. Cloud Service Aggregation
1CLOUDSTAR’s CPB creates an abstraction layer between the customer and the Cloud Service Providers, so that the customers see one cohesive view of all the services. This allows the customers to deploy their services across multiple cloud platforms and ensure security of data between systems.

3. Cloud Service Arbitration
1CLOUDSTAR’s CBP provides the capability to choose services from different Cloud Service Providers, through an easy provisioning mechanism, even though the Service Provider each may use different API sets, and data-models. This allows the customer to use the CDN services of one Cloud Service Provider and the Storage Services from another.

The future of Cloud Computing will be permeated with the notion of brokers negotiating relationships between providers of cloud services and the service customers.. Enhancement will include managing access to these services, providing greater security or even creating completely new services.

L. Frank Kenney

Gartner Analyst