Biggest Social Enterprise Company in Singapore

AWS Case Study


The social enterprise company owns largest network of merchant partners and members in Singapore that consists of over 2 million members and 1,100 participating partner outlets. Millions of members enjoy attractive rewards and savings via company’s consumer rewards programme.

1Cloudstar was engaged by client to migrate large scale of on-premise servers, in broad range of functions and purpose, to AWS, together with application and OS upgrade from the legacy system.


Many of the servers for migration were in production and functional critical to wide range of business operations of client, such as HR, finance, marketing etc, which requires extensive understanding of not only server migration, but applications domain knowledge.

As the on-premise servers were running for years, most of the middlewares and OS were out dated. client required to streamline all Linux instances to AWS Linux and Windows instances to Windows 2012 R2 during migration, as well as middleware upgrade.

Client also wanted to take this chance to enroll the infrastructure into the DevOps process for CI/CD that was newly setup.


1Cloudstar consultant conducted in-depth server by server study and interview with relevant users and stakeholders. Then one detailed project plan and migration schedule with highlighted critical points and potential risks was drafted and presented to client.

1Cloudstar engineering team also used Terraform as infrastructure building, changing and versioning tool, which allows easy integration with client’s DevOps process and repository.

1Cloudstar consultant also conducted a few workshop to train client’s internal technical team on managing AWS resources and DevOps process for infrastructure provisioning.