One of The Most Premium Airline Companies in the World

AWS Case Study

Local-owned, one of most premium airline companies in the world engaged 1cloudstar from fall, 2017 for direct connectivity.


The Airline company had been migrating a lot of their existing / legacy systems to AWS and also setting up new projects and applications over in AWS. However, they had experienced network connectivity performance and stability issues, and have also had concerns over security using the Public Internet to communicate between their physical data centres and systems on AWS. They were looking for a high performance, highly resilient, secure and scalable natively-private communication solution to connect to their AWS infrastructure from their physical locations.


Based on customer’s requirement and expectations, back in 2017, 1cloudstar had proposed and implemented an end-to-end managed AWS Direct Connect solution (as illustrated in the above connectivity diagram) to connect to customer’s Production and Disaster Recovery data centres using redundant private point-to-point circuits from different local ISPs, and using managed CE (custom edge) routers to dynamically route the AWS cloud-bound traffic with flow-based traffic load-balancing and automatic failover feature via well planned and implemented BGP (Board Gateway Protocol) routing framework.

From its initial setup, the infrastructure had been kept on enhanced and expanded with more and more AWS account / VPCs connected, and much higher private link bandwidth (initially 2 x 20mbps link, currently 4 x 200mbps + 1 x 100mbps, and now we are planning to further upgrade it to 4 x 1Gbps link) to meet the continuous cloud infrastructure expansion. This effective and scalable connectivity solution supported and empowered the rapid implementation and expansion of Singapore Airline’s cloud initiatives over the past few years, and enabled them to move a lot of key, mission-critical production applications and systems completely into AWS.

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