Telco Company in Singapore

AWS Case Study


The company is one of the major tele-communications company in Singapore and is the most vibrant and dynamic in the industry. The company serves over 2 million customers and was the first operator to offer nationwide 4G service.
1Cloudstar was engaged by client to implement Blue-green deployment process for the newly launched customer portal on AWS.


Constrained by the environment, there were a few challenges faced:

  • the Blue-green deployment can only be applied to certain part of the infrastructure instead of replicating a whole new green environment.
  • The portal was deployed to Windows servers which are required to join client’s domain. Therefore the highly automated Blue-green deployment needs to ensure that all instances are able to join domain automatically once launched.
  • Due to security reason, the VPC was not allowed to have access to public internet, which resulted in many AWS services could not be directly used.


1Cloudstar engineering team developed a highly customized process by leveraging AWS CodePipeline, CodeDeploy and Lambda to mirror and create certain part of the infrastructure in green environment, swap with resources in existing blue environment and clean up the replaced resources.

1Cloudstar network engineering team deployed a few private links to enable communication between VPC and endpoints of CodePipeline, CodeDeploy etc.

At OS level, 1Cloudstar engineer developed extensive PowerShell application to ensure the domain joining upon launch was smooth.